It's that time in life again where I needed a New Car!
I absolutely loved my bright yellow VW Beatle, however it's been two years since I got Ringo and as I lease my cars on a 2 years basis, time was up!

So, as you may have noticed in my Weekly Vlogs I've been searching for a New Car for a few weeks!
Last week I ordered it, and this week he arrived!
Meet Wallace, my brand new Mini Cooper!

I've never been a huge fan on Mini's as I just found their size a bit unpractical and I didn't like how common they were.
However, now Mini's have a whole new look and are no longer 'mini'.

My Mini Cooper D is a 5 Door, and actually is quite a large car compared to the iconic teeny tiny, original Mini.

Wallace is in the iconic Mini Racing Green colouring with Loop Alloy Wheels.
However, the Black Loop Wheels I have are actually custom unique.
I'm not a fan of silver alloys so I had my wheels painted black and I think it looks so much better!

The Key to my Mini is so, so cool.
As my car is push button start (I know, WOW!) they key is for access only.
Includes 3 buttons to open and close the car as well as open the boot.

The key comes with the iconic Mini Logo Keyring which is such a nice added extra.
A completed by my gorgeous Amelia Jane London Fur Keyring, obviously!

My particular Mini has the Chilli Pack XL included which has a SatNav, Telephone/Handfree and extremely savvy Media System.

The interior is a part cloth, part leather interior with check cloth detailing.

With 5 Doors, it also has 5 seats too!
Compared to my Beatle which is a Coupe and only had 4 seats, so this is a handy added extra!

Another savvy feature to this particlar Mini is a choice of driving modes from MID Mode (typically Mini driving mode), Sport Mode and an economic Green Mode.

So allows you to adjust your driving style to however you like based on your journey and preference.

 Also with Climate Control - another extra I didn't have in my Beatle.
With many, many choices to your preference and allows the driver and passenger to have their own unique climate setting too!

Personally, my favourite feature is the Push Button Start which makes me feel like I have my own teeny Supercar!

What an awesome feature?

One of my worries was the boots, I was concerned that I was going to have to compromise on the boot space, compared to my Beatle which had a huge boot that I could cram with everything and anything!

But, I was very pleasantly surprised!

The boots in the 5 Door Mini isn't only bigger than the 3 Door Mini but has an extension section too.
Which you can leave closed to hide all your special possessions you'd rather not have on show, or pull upwards to reveal an extended boots space when you need it.

Overall, I'm blown away by my Mini.
Considering it wasn't the car I would've originally chosen, I bloody love it!
I'm glad things turned out the way I did because I've extremely enjoyed driving and playing around with the setting and features of my incredibly cool New Car!

What a fun 2 years we shall have!

Thanks for reading,

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