Since Tom and I got Arla we've been kind of obsessed with buying Pet products from toys, chews, harness and of course coats and jackets for our lil' pup.

My favourite place to get Pet related things is The Pet Hutwhich if you didn't know is inside PoundStretcher stores!
Even if the store doesn't say 'The Pet Hut' on the logo banner, they always stock The Pet Hut's items, like my local store in Stamford.
So don't worry if you think your local PoundStretcher doesn't have The Pet Hut, it will!

I buy from The Pet Hut regularly because of their amazing variety of products for puppies and dogs but also because the price is unbeatable, you get so much for your money.

So, I thought I'd share my little The Pet Hut Haul with you guys, so you can see what I picked up and what you can get for your pets for great, great prices!

1. Dog Lead Hooks - £2.99
If you have a dog you'll know about the collection of leads and harnesses you'll have and how irritating it is that you lose them all the time - well I do.
When I saw this 'Dog's Lead' Hook in PoundStretcher for only £2.99 I had to have it, as it's not only adorable but extremely functional too.

 We've popped it in on the back of our pantry door where we hang all Arla's coats, leads and harness'.
It's so handy!
2. Easter Egg for Dogs - £1.99
As doggies can't have human chocolate, when I saw this and as Easter is just around the corner I instantly bought two, one for Arla and one for her best frenchie friend, Boo.
What a lovely idea!
It didn't last long however, Arla loved it.
I'll have to stock up on some more.

3. Padded Dog Harness - £2.99
Arla is a pug, which means buying harness' can be quite tricky.
As pugs are a barrel like shape (sorry Arla), their heads, neck and body are practically the same shape, so sometime finding a harness can be quite difficult.
Luckily, she's still a puppy but the other problem with that is sometimes the difference between small and medium can be huge.
We found these really amazing quality dog harnesses in PoundStretcher's The Pet Hut, for only £2.99.
As she's growing we don't want to spend a fortune on harness' if she's going to grow out of them, so £2.99 is perfect!
This harness also adjusts and should last Arla a long, long while!

4. Food Tin Lids - 99p
Again, something probably only doggy parents can appreciate; the annoyance of the opened pet food tin, stinking and leaking everywhere.
Panic not, pop down to The Pet Hut and grab yourself these lifesavers for 99p.
I say no more.

5. Coats & Jumpers - from £1.99
I first picked up these two jumpers before I collected Arla at 8 Weeks and for a few months they were still too big despite being the smallest size.
They now fit her perfectly and she wears them practically daily (which you'll have noticed if you watch my Weekly Vlogs on my YouTube Channel).
They're not only a bargain at £1.99 each, compared with the like of Pets at Home's prices but great knitted quality - and something doggy owners with again appreciate - have harness holes...

This adorable Hooded Parka also fits Arla perfectly and was only £3.99!
Again with a harness hole is ideal for winter walkes with a dog like Arla who isn't fond of rain or water, keeps her warm and ever-so fashionable too!

I cannot fault The Pet Hut's variety and affordability and will forever be my favourite place to stop off at and grab Arla some goodies without breaking the bank.

If you didn't know about PoundStretcher's Pet selection or The Pet Hut, definitely pop in store and be sure to let me know what goodies you find!

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