As you may have guessed by my Weekly Vlog's and my previous Blog Posts, I love PoundStretcher.

This month in PoundStretcher I found a New Skincare Product that I've been absolutely loving that was only £1.00.
I know, I know!

I found this Garnier Skin Essentials Oil Control Fairness Cream that I'd never heard before, and thought for £1 that I'd definitely give it ago.

As I have dry skin and suffer from dry areas that arise quickly and are intensely dry as I also suffer from a skin condition called Pityriasis Rosea. I'm always on the look our for new skincare products that help maintain a healthy glow to my skin and minimise the dry patches.
But most importantly, I'm always searching for that right product that is also affordable, and thats what seems to be the challenge.

I bought this product because it was £1 and honestly, wasn't expecting much.
Especially when I read the box and read 'oil trapping technology' realising I have dry, not oily skin..
However, also mentioned on the box is that the product includes lemon essence and has fairness control which lightens your skin - perfect for acne and dark areas.

I've been lucky and don't have any acne scars or skin damage from spots but I do have sensitive and dry skin.
However, my skin is in really good condition at the moment from my strict skincare routine (see blog post), which I've recently adapted and it's left my skin feeling healthy and hydrated.
Although, it doesn't seem like Garnier's Oil Control Cream is suited my skin type, since I've been using it it really has worked wonders.

I feel this product works like a primer as well as a hydrator, it treats and primes my skin.
The mousse texture is lightweight and glides across the skin as well as being extremely soothing and hydrating although that isn't specified as a treatment of the cream.

The shine control technology makes the skin feel like it's primed and a flawless surface ready for the day or to apply makeup.

I'd highly recommend this product to all skin types as it's definitely an asset to my skincare collection despite it being described to suit 'oily skin types'.
My skin has been calm, hydrated and ever so soft since I've been using this cream for around a fourtnight. I've been enjoying it's results so much that I'd recommended popping into your local PoundStretcher ASAP to make sure you can grab one for the bargain of £1.

Thanks for reading,
Let me know what you think of Garnier's Oil Control Cream if you try it!


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