I'm really prone to chapped and dry skin around my fingernails due to the fact I naughtily bite my nails.
I'm forever lathering up my hands with different creams trying to treat the skin and prevent the ever so dry areas, and since I found 'Emma Hardie's Amazing Face Hand and Nail Treatment Cream' it's made such a difference.

All of Emma Hardie's products are beautifully packaged and noticeable on a shelf.
The large 100ml bottle is perfect for the handbag or your beauty cabinet a really great all round size for frequent or occasional usage.
The only issue with the packaging is the lid.
I've had this bottle for nearly a year now and the tip of the lid has a small whole in it now and leaks product so is no longer suitable for my handbag.

The products itself is a silicone like creamy consistency where a little goes a really, really long way.
You only need the smallest bit of product to coat both your hands evenly.
The words 'treatment' on the bottle might confuse you a bit but that exactly what the product does.
My chapped areas crack and bleed occasionally and with just one use before bed, over night my hands are smooth and repaired.

Every penny.
£24 for a bottle of hand cream seems insane.
I actually managed to pick mine up from TK Maxx for £7.99 last year along with a few other Emma Hardie products. But at £24.00 I will definitely repurchase.
However, this won't be for a long, long while as I'm not even a quarter of the way through yet.
Due to the amazing quality and quick action of this product you hardly use any over time, so at £24.00 it's definitely worth the price.
(Currently on sale here at Debenhams for £16.80)

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