This year my blog will turn 2, which to me is strange because it feel like I've been blogging forever and rewarding because I'm still here, writing weekly, still gushing with passion!

The hardest thing about blogging is;
1. Starting a Blog
2. Staying Positive & Motivated

So, I thought I'd share with you My Top 5 Tips to Starting a Blog whether you've started a blog or thinking about starting one, hopefully these tips can help you!


1. Go for it!
This is the hardest step.
Feeling like you can start a blog, all these questions will go through your head;
'How do I start it?'
'What shall I call it?'
'Will anyone read it?'
'Wordpress or Blogger?'
Just go for it! If it's not for you you're not a failure, and if it's not for you... You tried!
You never know, you could just 'try it' like I did, and it become your new favourite past time, hobby and something you aspire to be your full time job one day!
All you really need to do is pick a platform; Blogger or WordPress, choose a Blog Name and... write!
That's it!

2. Keep your head up
It's not easy at the start. It can be quite demotivating seeing only a couple of people a day read your blog and can make you think you're not cut out for it.
Everyone has to start somewhere, at one time 'all experts were beginners'.

If you're struggling with the lack of view initially.
Tell your friends, family and share it on your social media.
 Remeber, if you don't promote it, no one will see it!

3. Love Bloggers!
Chat to other Bloggers.
Share your hobby, thoughts, experiences, tips and advice etc
Talking other Bloggers really helped me from the start.
It's a really welcoming and supportive community and Twitter is the best place for it.
Join in on Twitter Chat Hashtags like #fblchat etc
It's surprising how much motivation you get just from making friends with likeminded people.

4. Stick to a Schedule
The best choice I ever made was to publish my blog post on a Sunday and a Wednesday at a set time of 6:00pm. This way, my readers know when I've posted a post even if they've not seen my tweets.
They know I upload twice a week on a Sunday and Wednesday evening so they know when to tune in!

5. Write what you LOVE
Don't worry if you're worrying about your content or your english skills.
You don't have to be an award winning author to write a blog.
Just be confident, write what you love!
Write what you'd like to read, as it's likely people would like to read the same too!

So, that's my Top 5 Tips for Starting a Blog!
I hope this has helped some of your who're questioning starting a Blog or are in the beginner blogging rut.
Stick at it, you're great!

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