As you may have saw in my first weekly vlog that I uploaded on my YouTube Channel on Sunday 17th January, I recently received a really exciting package from Zoeva.

I've been really excited to try Zoeva Brushes for a long, long while now.
I received an exciting package full of new makeup brushes I can't wait to try!


The 109 is a synthetic brush with a square flat top which is very soft and perfect for contour.
I can't wait to use this with my favourite MUA Cheek Contour Stick that I absolutely love which will be perfect to blend and contour my cheek bones.

Which includes:

This tapered brush is perfect for perfecting your contour or highlight.
With the tapered tip and natural bristles you can use this brush to accentuate your features.

I'm obsessed with this brush, it's exactly what I would use as a base brush.
It's a dense but soft and fluffy brush which is ideal for apply your makeup base and buffing it into the skin for a flawless look.

This natural bristle brush is the best kind of brush for powder contour or bronzer.
The angled brush allows you to accentuate your cheek bones precisely starting from your ear and graduating towards the nose to perfect the contoured look.

What I love about this brush is the short, domed and dense bristles however they're never soft.
As they allow you to buff in your concealer they're also delicate on the eye area which can be thin and sensitive.
This is the ideal brush to use to buff in your favourite concealer to illuminate those dark circles and perfect the flawless bright eyed look.

This is your MAC 217 dupe and for only €7.80 is a must have if you're looking to purchase a crease blending brush.
The natural synthetic hair mix with this brush is perfect for blending your subtle and dramatic eye shadow looks this season for the flawless finish with the perfect makeup artist style blend.

Just like the Zoeva 221 and the MAC 217 the Zoeva 224 is thinned and more fluffy which is more forgiving and give a more intense blend to your look with the fluffy brush working it's magic on your heavy shadow areas to create the perfect flowing blend.

This is your glitter applying brush.
The perfect brush for a rustic blend and the perfect brush to apply your glittery shadows.
This brush would also be perfect for a dewey/natural concealer finish with its short fluffy bristle would give the perfect natural concealer finish alternative to the Zoeva 142.

Your best friend if you like lower lash line shading or upper crease shading.
If you love a smoky eye, the 234 is your new best friend.
This brush has so many uses with its flat edge perfect for applying shade or glitter with is also very thin and tapered at the end for crease defining, a real addition to your brush collection.

Your duo to the 234 is the 231, the perfect brush for blending and perfecting your crease definition to complete the perfect dramatic eye look for a night out.
If you're obsessed with eyeshadow and create new eye looks with colour and definition, the 231 is an essential to your kit.

For me, this is one of the most exciting brushing in the Luxe Prime Set.
A Winged Liner Brush is everything.
Whether you're a liner girl or a brow queen, this brush is everything.
Me, it's the perfect brow brush.
A sharp angle but fine bristles to create a strong brow game but also alternatively to perfect the perfect wing eyeliner with your favourite eyeliner gel.
For me, I'm more of a felt liner girl but this brush is going to be ideal for my Freedom Brow Pomade or my Tanya Burr Brow Palette.

These 11 brushes from Zoeva are incredible.
The quality, feel and look is everything you need to start or complete your brush collection.
They even come in an adorable faux leather clutch to hold all your new brush babies.

I really think Zoeva's products are of quality and affordability which to me is very import with beauty product as price can go away with you and at the end of the day it's quality that's important.
So, to find a product that both of quality and affordability really should be recognised.

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