If you're a regular reading you'll know I'm obsessed with skincare.
I have quite a collection of skincare products which I'm quite settled with, but that doesn't mean I don't regularly try new out new ones.

I nipped into Tesco recently and noticed a new addition to the Garnier Micellar Water collection; SkinActive Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water.

Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Water (£3.99) | Buy:
I was drawn to this product on the shelf by the strange liquid which has a layer of oil on top of it, and was intrigued. As I suffer with very dry skin this instantly appeared in my basket and I thought that maybe this is the product I've been after all along.

I love the ease of Micellar Water as a cleanser however, I do feel they dry my skin out especially in the eyelid area. When I've been using this Oil-Infused version from Garnier it's been a complete game changer.

It really is a 2-in-1 product for only £4 (from Tesco) you get a cleanser and a facial oil.
I take my makeup off at night before bed and leave the oil the work its way into the skin, waking up in the morning with no trace of dryness.

Just overnight the oil had rehydrated my skin without the use of a moisturiser which I would normally have to wear to insure my dry areas didn't worsen overnight, which they usually would.
However in this case, I really didn't need a moisturiser at all and even the day after my skin is feeling healthy, hydrated and refreshed from just using the Oil-Infused Micellar Water the night before.

Honestly, I was actually expecting this product to be a bit hit and miss for the price, and the fact that I've usually chosen the L'oreal Micellar Water over the previous Garnier ones. I was very, very wrong though! This product feels so high end and it's completely fool proof and so easy to use with great results instantly.

If you suffer from dry or sensitive skin, then I highly recommend you try this product out, as I'm predicting it's going to be the new high street favourite and I expect to see more and more Bloggers raving about it in the upcoming months.

Let me know if you've tried this new Micellar Water from Garnier and what you thought!

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