As a Blogger I'm often sent or trying out new products, some well known on the high street and some newer brands. I've been trying and testing a lot of new products this month, and here are some of my new favourite for skin and hair.

I have quite oily hair with dry ends and a prone to grease scalp and have been trying this Henara Shampoo & Conditioner for Brunettes. In the summer months my hair tends to get a lot dryer at the ends and looks quite lifeless and my scalp greasy.
This Henara Shampoo arrived through my letter box and I was instantly intrigued.
I've never heard of Henara as a brand, or the use of Henna and Walnut in my hair care products.
I've been using these products for about 2 weeks now and I love them.
My hair feels healthy, so, so shiny, is less knotty and is amazingly soft too.
My colour has definitely been enhanced or revived as I've had comments on it, not that I personally noticed. I definitely had to watch my hair more often than usual due to the use of natural oils, but it feels much healthier for it. 
The product is brown in colour which is new to me and you really only have to use the slightest amount of each it goes a long way.
I would definitely repurchase this hair combo for the summer months as it's given my hair its life back.

Henara Bronze Shine Henna & Walnut Shampoo & Conditioner - Buy here:
This is a product I've been waiting to try for ages as I've never tried any other Exuviance products or restorative creme's.
The packaging intrigued me as it looked quite medial so I waited until I felt my skin really needed some help with dehydration, before I gave it a go as I didn't want to upset my current skincare routine.
In summer, with dry skin and a dry skin condition too my forehead, eyelids and chest get very dry and flaky, which happened this month especially.
When reading into the product before application, I noticed its suited perfectly for my dry, easily irritated skin and provides deep hydration. And for it's non-drugstore price tag I was expecting big things.
When applying the product is thick and blue in colouring, quite waxy to the touch.
Once applied the blue colouring disappears and it blends into the skin and turns into more a serum/oil. You can use this product on your face, chest and hands as well for restorative hydration.
I'm super impressed with this product. After I cleansed my face with a cleansing balm I applied this product and left it to sink in overnight, waking up in the more to fresh, soft, hydrated skin.
The specialist product is amazing and I highly recommend it to those after an anti-ageing product.

The fact this product is called Skin Food and specifically for dry and rough skin really appealed to me. The product itself is a cream, citrus scented thick cream like most potted moisturisers and smells amazing. It instantly feels amazing on the skin and sits and sinks into those areas in need of nourishment - it really does feed the skin.
It has really similar results to the Exuviance Creme in the fact that it gets to work really quickly and is a great alternative option if you've a smaller skincare budget.
The Weleda Skin Food is all natural and that really shows in the product, and can also be used all over the body.
The product works best massaged into the skin and turns quite oily, however I'd recommend to let it works its way in to very dehydrated areas and leave it over night.

Exuviance Ultra Restorative Creme - Buy here: | Weleda Skin Food - Buy here:

Let me know your favourite hair care products and product recommendations for dry skin in the comments bellow!

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