In late May I visit Stamford's Cosy Club for a meal with my Blogger friends Amanda and Chloe.
I've been the Cosy Club in Stamford twice before but not recently.
Cosy Club just released a new menu, so we popped over to test it out!

We headed over for lunch and waited for Chloe in the seating/lounge style area over a couple of drinks. The seating area is located in the first half of the Cosy Club where you enter from the meadows side of the area.

The decor in the Cosy Club is very up my street; Rustic and eclectic.
I love with mix of vintage, rustic and industrial with shabby chic and traditional elements, there is so much to look at your eyes just keep following around the room.

We started with a couple of drinks and I was very impressed with the huge drinks menu with everything from tea and coffee to the most amazing selection of cocktails, some I hadn't even heard of!

The bar is a work of art and reminds me of a mixture between Eastenders' Queen Vic and a circus... It's awesome!

Amanda went for the Cherry Bakewell Cocktail and as designated driver I went for the Virgin Mojito!
I must say it was the most delicious drink I've ever had!
So refreshing and sweet but with the mint and ice felt just like summer - it was amazing.

Menu wise, I was very pleased to see two different menu options; Brunch & Lunch as well as a Gluten Free & Vegan Menu too!
As a vegetarian who dislikes most dairy products I usually find eating out a challenge where people have one vegetarian dish which usually includes cheese or forget vegetarians don't actually eat fish.
So this was a pleasant surprise, and not only was there many vegetarians options but I was spoilt for choice and it took me a while to decide, which was a nice change to normally having one dish and one dish only on the menu.

I ordered the Quinoa Burger which came in a brioche bun with fries and salad.
I also got another Virgin Mojito and a side of hummus.
The burger was lovely and perfectly cooked without being over cooked and crunchy it was full of flavour. I don't each much bread and I found the bun a little too much- but I loved the crispy side where the bun had been slightly grilled.
Apart from that the portion size was great and the chips were delicious.
I left feeling very full, but that was mainly because I had to finish it all because it was so tasty.

Amanda also had a burger, but Chloe went for a trio of Tapas (which I was also toying with) and a side of sweet potato fries.
The tapas was around £4.50 per dish or any 3 for around £12, which is a great price and offer because the portion sizes are ample and I was really impressed with how they were presented as well.

I was so impressed with the meal and it was a really night change to eat out at lunch rather than for dinner. Stamford is a beautiful town to see in the day time with such history and great shopping.
The service at the Cosy Club was great, however do remember that you have to order at the bar if you're popping in for a snack or a drink.
You're not waited on at your table until you're seated for dinner in the separate are.

I'll definitely be popping back very soon as my partner is a fussy eater too but there is so much in the Cosy Club's new menu that there is something for everyone whether you're eating light or not.


Cosy Club is the perfect location in between the high street and the meadows where there is FREE (for 2 Hours) or Pay-and-Display parking available just a minute walk away.
Stamford is a stunning town, one of my favourite places for sure.

The decor is pretty much me all over, and I really admire the attention to detail.
It's unique and like no other restaurant I've been too!

I've never been to a restaurant where I was given a separate menu for vegetarian options and it felt like my custom and overall experience was as important as a meat eaters which is usually where I feel completely left out at other restaurants, so this was a very rare and special touch I really loved.
The addition of a Gluten-Free menu too just topped off the 'perfect menu' for me, as I found myself reading through the two menus picking things my family and friends would eat. 

Although the service at the dining tables is perfect, you do feel a bit lost on entry if you've not booked or being seated at a table due to the fact you have to order yourself at the bar in the restaurant for drinks and snacks etc.

The portion sizes were perfect and the meal was delicious, however the brioche bun wasn't really for me personally.
Most delicious non-alcholic drink I've ever had and even though it was alcoholic it was presented beautifully.

The price of the food and drinks against the portions sizes are very reasonable.
However somehow I feel that near £4 for a non-alcoholic cocktail which contains mainly ice is a tiny bit steep.
Although watching it being made so skilfully is an experience in itself.

I had an amazing afternoon and a truly enjoyable meal, and I'll definitely be revisiting.
It's nice to have a local place to eat and drink in the daytime or nighttime with unique decor.
Visiting the Cosy Club feels like a fun day out!

Thank you to the Cosy Club for inviting us for a lovely meal.
We had a lovely afternoon.

You can also watch my Weekly Vlog on my YouTube Channel of our day and the whole experience of the Cosy Club in video.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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  1. The decor at this place was amazing with great seats and friendly staff. My fiancé and I just got married at wedding venues nyc and I could wait no longer to post my heartfelt appreciation to the staff here for their tremendous effort in making our day the most special day of our lives.


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