It's the season of colour and usually the time we get a big of motivation to give out home and garden a little summer revamp.
I'm currently craving more colour in my home but trying to find cheap and easy ways to do so with a little stress as mess as possible.

Here are my tips for using and adding colour into your home.

Using Colour - Home & Interiors
Quick ways of adding colour are by accessories but a really effective way to update a small wall is by using wallpaper.
This geometric tulip design with neutral background is the perfect way to update a wall or small area of your home. The use of modern motifs with retro colours is fun and bright but not over powering.

Using colour in your home doesn't have to be bold and constant.
You can use colour simply with the combination of shades, tones and texture.
Texture is a great way to blend shades and styles to create the perfect flow.

Cushions are the perfect accessory.
Brighten up any chair or sofa with the use of different cushions whether thats style, shape, colour or pattern they add depth and life to a room or piece of furniture.
These stunning pom pom cushions in 3 different shades are perfect matches with the wallpaper.
They're not the same shade as the colours in the wallpaper motifs but they're similar tones which work better and great a flow to the theme rather than using exactly the same shade of colour which would flatten the theme.

Candles are a really great way to add colour to a room. Whether it's the colour of the candle or colour of the jar, adding candles always gives a room a lovely feel with the subtle fragrance.
Candle holders are so useful too which usually gives a fab way to add high or texture - like this gorgeous hammered gold glass tumbler. 
DW Home candles are really something. Not only do you get a thick coloured glass jar which you could reuse after the whole candle is burnt but the scent of the candles is incredible and they have a large burn time too.

Nature is a great addition to any room. It brings the outside in, adds texture and height.
Whether you're popping a vase on the table, or buying a indoor plant as a floor piece, plants and flower can add texture and colour but for me they complete a room.
Artificial plants are perfect as they don't require any maintenance.
This faux potted plant is great because of the natural colours, use of wood and block coloured pot which blends with the wallpaper and other accessories.

Furniture is a great way to add colour whether you're upcycling a current piece of furniture with some chalk paint to create a statement piece or adding a stool or side table.
Small piece of furniture that you can move around a room are ideal.
Adding direct shades of gold or silver accessories also add colour subtly.

So, they are some of my simple tips to update a room using colour and affordable alternative to completely redesigning your home with a few easy ways of brightening a space.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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