It's the time of years for new beauty releases and where we all fall in love with beauty again, experimenting for summer and festivals!

I thought I'd share with you the new beauty products and releases that I've been sent to review for Summer 2016.

Part of the New 6 shade ORLY Pacific Coast Highway Summer Collection this amazing neon yellow shade is the ultimate summer polish. Orly as a brand is one I really love for the simple packaging with easy to apply with the lid and brush is a great long lasting polish.
I do find these shades quite watery in constancy and it isn't one of those thick polishes you can get away with just one coat, you'll need at least 3. However this does mean you can build up a finish of good layers and prolong wear.

I've never really considered the idea of lip palettes, I'm much more likely to head for a lipstick, chubby stick or gloss. However when I was sent this gorgeous red and pink toned lip palette from Sleek I was intrigued. The palette consists of Matte, Gloss and Satin finishes with 4 shades of hollywood glamour perfection.
The Sleek packaging is 100% my favourite drugstore packaging which isn't product compromising either. The packaging of this lip palette is ideal for travelling.
So you actually get 4 lipsticks, all with different finishes for £8.99..
It's really amazing and cost effective.

(See swatch below)
I've heard so many amazing thinks about Sleek blushes and how they're the the affordable dupe for the NARS blushes. Again, the packaging is perfect! No wastage with a brush no one every uses, strong packaging and a handy mirror too!
But onto to pigmentation. WOW!
As you can see by the swatch below, the Rose Gold Blush is the perfect amount of pink tint with a rose shimmer, which works fabulously as a blush and highlight.
I wore it at the weekend with smokey eye from the Sleek 'See you at Midnight Palette' and it looked gorgeous.

I've recently developed an addiction to palettes, so when this amazing 'See you at Midnight' palette arrived I was super excited! Such a great selection of colours and shimmers that you can use on the eyes and the cheek - obviously not many of us will be rocking a blue blush, but you get what I mean.
It's well known with Sleek that you get amazing products for your money and you can't fault the pigmentation and formulation, they blend super well.
Again, the packaging is perfect and great for travel, however the only issue I have is the tools included - no one uses them. So I think it would've been nice to leave that bit out or to squeeze a highlight shade in the end.

Too Faced is brand everyone loves, whether it's because of their variety and product formulation or for there amazing packaging. Either way, we all LOVE Too Faced.
I'm lucky enough to have all of the Too Faced Bronzers, but I don't own any of their Sweethearts products, so when this adorable new bronzer arrived I was extremely excited to try it.
Such an great product to invest in this summer with it's two individual shades included in the Sweet Tea bronzer that you can use to bronze, glow and highlight. You can use them together or separately which makes spending £22 on one very sweet little heart shaped box a lot easier when you actually have 2 incredible products with varies uses included.

(See swatch below)
It's fair to say this is one of my new all time favourite products and the fact it's available from the drugstore and so affordable is like a double appreciation for Sleek's new Matte Me liquid lipstick collection. Firstly, these are a perfect dupe for Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits.
Ok, you don't get the lip liner and the Kylie Jenner/Kardashian crazy packaging - but the product. WOW!
Bittersweet is the your lips but better, gorgeous nude shade.
When you apply the Matte Me lipstick it's so light you can hardly feel it on your lips. It applies like smooth velvet and sets in a matte but it isn't drying or dragging on the skin.
I tested the Matte Me products out expecting them to flake when eating and drinking with them on for their price of £4.99, however I was proved wrong. They lasted all night even with drinking and eating and I hardly had to touch it up at all.
Super impressed with these new releases from Sleek.

(See swatch below)
Avon is a brand I used loads when I first discovered makeup at school age 15 so when I got my paws on these Perfectly Matte Lipsticks I was excited to give them a go.
I'm so impressed! A lipstick at this price point for this quality is refreshing.
As you can see from the swatch below the pigmentation and even application is great with a gorgeous brown/nude tone that's really hot right now.
However, I would say they're more of a semi matte than a full mate. I am basing that on the terms of liquid lipstick mattes and MAC's matte lipstick formulation.
The Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks move and blend well one the skin allow you to layer the product up depending on the finish you're after.
They're very easy to wear and I love the Marvellous Mocha shade.

(See swatch below)
The Old Hollywood shade applies exactly the same as the Bittersweet shade from the Matte Me Collection but with this deep red that is so similar in shade to MAC's Russian Red makes you feel like a movie start.
The Matte Me Collection consists of 12 shades with everything from light pinks, nudes and even purples. 
Yes. I want them all.

(See swatch below)
Identical to the Marvellous Mocha in feel and formulation the Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Red Supreme is a stunning berry red and with the wearable matte finish it's a great red to wear all day long.

I'm a bit of a mascara snob and very fussy with my mascara choice. I rarely like drugstore mascara and really do see the benefit in investing in more high-end mascaras.
Unfortunately for this Avon Mascara I wasn't impressed at first glance anyway, I found the packaging dates and a bit samey as all the others available in the drugstore, so it wasn't a positive start..
Again, the brush was nothing different than I'd seen before and was just a big, bushy brush which is difficult to get a full defined lash look and just leaves the lashes rather clumpy and useless to me personally. So unfortunately I won't be recommending or repurchasing this mascara.
Sorry Avon!

I've had a bad experience with set sprays recently as I bought the Rimmel fix spray and was really disappointed with it and wouldn't recommend.
So when this MagiX Spray from Avon arrived I was apprehensive but hoping to be wow'd!
At first spray I thought it smelt a bit medicinal which put me off slightly, and felt tacky on the skin at first spray. However after that settled and set after a few seconds them smell and tackiness disappeared! My makeup lasted all day and didn't flake or smudge in the hot weather.
So, yes. I'd 100% recommend this product and at £3.00 I can deal with the initial medicinal scent.

Impulse was a brand I used over and over in my teens and is ideal to keep in your school bag to use to freshen up. Although, I've not tired Impulse since my teens..
First off, I completely LOVE the bold packaging and the little additions of the images on the bright yellow bottle, gorgeous branding.
But unfortunately the scent didn't follow with all the love.
As a scent it isn't one I'd personally wear and is quite masculine and wasn't really a new refreshing summer scent for me personally.
However, if you're looking for an affordable body spray for your school bag or handbag give it a try as the scent might be more your thing, or check out some of the other Impulse sprays.
But I must say, I'm happy to own it because I love the packaging sat on my shelf!
So pretty.

Another shade in the Pacific Coast Highway Collection from Orly this summer and in a bold purple toned pink. Personally, this isn't really a colour I would wear as I'm not a huge lover of pink as I don't think it suits me. However, my friend Amanda went crazy for this colour and absolutely loves it and it suits her so well.
Again, it applies lightly with the need of a few applications but that means you can get the perfect even finish you're after.

Normally, I just buy the cheapest eyeliner possible as I've never been blown away by own that actually lasts and doesn't disappear after an hour.
So I wasn't expecting much based on previous experience when I popped this SuperShock liner on to test on a Date Night out with Tom.
However, when I got home many hours later to remove my makeup there it was. It has actually lasted the whole time, and hadn't barely budged from my waterline.
I was so impressed with this product based on the longevity I would 100% repurchase.

Sleek Eye & Cheek Palette in 'See you at Midnight' - £9.99

Too Faced Sweathearts 'Sweet Tea' Bronzer - £22.00
Sleek Lip Palette in 'Tease' - £8.99
I hope you enjoyed reading my review on the new in beauty for summer, and be sure to let me know if you've tried any of them and what your thoughts were.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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