High street beauty is a new addition to the beauty world that I'm a huge fan of.
With Topshop and H&M with established beauty brands I thought it was time to rave about New Look Beauty; Pure Colour.

I've tried a few products from Pure Colour by New Look however, I hardly hear it mentioned across the Blogosphere and that surprises me.
I own 2 Lip Crayons, 2 Nail Polishes and now, a Lip Liner and Lipstick all from Pure Colour Beauty by New Look.

No. 75 Sweet Rose Lipstick (£3.99) and No. 75 Mid Pink Lip Liner (£1.99) from Pure Colour by New Look
The first thing I love about the Pure Colour Beauty Collection is the packaging. All the product match and look like an attractive high-end collective even though they're high street prices.

I chose the Sweet Rose Lipstick and matching Lip Liner as I have quite a few beige nudes in my lipstick collection and I'm craving some more summer friendly pinky nudes, and this No.75 Sweet Rose shade is perfect for that your lips but better look.

The formulation of the products are moisturising mattes, not quite your MAC Matte finish as they're not drying and don't set as such they sit on the lips rather than sink into them or an everyday look that wears well with drinking and eating allowing the product to move around the lips.


The lip liner is a gorgeous texture and has soft crayon like finish which is really easy to line to lips and blend into the lipstick whether you're overlaying your lips or not this is a great texture to create whatever lip look you're after.

As you can see fro the image bellow, the colours are almost identical. I would say that the lip liner is actually one shade pinker and slightly more intense than the lipstick but that's only on extra close inspection.

This shade combo is perfect for an everyday look with subtle makeup or for a night time look paired with a smokey eye. It's the ideal pairing for summer with a pinky toned finish rather than a cool toned nude.

These two products - and everything else I've tried in the Pure Colour Makeup Collection - are amazing. The packaging, the formulation and pigmentation as well as the accessibility to test and buy the product alongside the price point just make a perfect beauty brand you can rely on.

I've yet to try any of the base products but I do sway more towards high-end for those anyway, but if you're looking for a new beauty brand to try that's kind to any budget - these two products cost me less than £6! - I'd highly recommend Pure Colour by New Look.

Let me know if you've tried any of the Pure Colour by New Look beauty products and what you thought in the comments.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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  1. I loooove this color!

    1. Isn't it gorgeous? It's so much like some of the must-have Kylie Jenner shades out right now, but the price tag is a must buy. They also have a lighter and a darker pink shade too.
      Thanks for reading!

      Love, Charlie xo


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