If you've all not guessed I'm really, really, really love Christmas

I'm feeling so festive this year!

I can only narrow my obsessive festiveness this year down to the fact I've been working full time year, saving money Christmas 2014 isn't a money set back for me, it's a huge, fun shopping experience where I can shower the ones love with things they'll love

So, I was extremely excited this year to decorate my room and home and get in the complete festive spirit this December. 

I've been obsessing over every Christmas section of shops, supermarkets, malls, the Internet... Everything Christmas related I'm obsessed with! 

I've been so excited to get my own Christmas decorations this year, as excited as I've been to shop for my Christmas present for my loved ones. 

So, with my Christmas spirit in force I've been shopping everywhere for the perfect Christmas decorations. 

Starting, with this adorable gangly yet cuddly Snowman Christmas decoration. 

My mum is a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas, she's never really been a huge fan. 

But when saw this little guy in PoundWorld for surpringly a £1, I couldn't resist!

Remembering that the only Christmas decorations - bar the tree - we had in our house, were long legged Christmas characters.

So I treated her mid-November to this cute little guy. 

See my YouTube #VLOGMAS Day 10 video for more on my cute snowman and other characters available

Next, I found a hanging cushion embroided with the festive lyric 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' with a tartan ribbon handle and adorable hessian and red colouring perfect for your giving your door handles a festive feel.

This cute decoration was only 99p from one of my new favourite shops, PoundStretcher

Thirdly, is a Christmas tree decoration recomendation! 

I've been searching for the perfect Baubles to decoration both my trees with this year.

Yes, I bought a lit up twig tree as a Christmas tree to keep in my bedroom in early November as my Christmas obsession took its toll very keenly this year... 

I found these amazing Glass Glitter Baubles (Set of 3) for only £1 in another of my favourite places to shop, Poundland

They're so, so, so awesome and have tiny pieces of glitter and sequins inside a gorgeous glass bauble which I just think is an amazing price for set of 3 for only £1, it's a no brainier

Fourthly, another Bauble Recomendation with an added tip!

I watched Tanya Burr's recent video with her tree decorations which were from Homebase

I have a Homebase so close to where I work and never thought of checking their Christmas isle! 

I popped in the other day and managed to grab a huge set of baubles in many sizes, icicle decorations, small present decorations and star for the top of the tree and lots, lots more for only £5.99.

This set was available in lots of colour options to suit your festive style.

I went for the silver set, they're all such amazing value for money! You really only needed this one £5.99 set to decorate your whole tree however, I added it all to my tree as I was keen for a very festive baubled tree this year. 

My Bauble Tip: 
My brother purchased some Snow Spray while we were shopping in Homebase for £1 per bottle

Which we've used to add snow effect to our baubles, which just loots amazing, and I think is a gorgeous effect to add that extra festive feel to your tree and decorations.

See my #VLOGMAS Day 10 video to see my Homebase Bauble Set and my Snow Spray Baubles  

Lastly, but certainly not least!

Instead, I actual think I've saved the best until last...

I don't think you can call it a decoration, (or maybe you can, as a head decoration?) but it is going to be one of your favourite purchases this Christmas...

A singing and literally all dancing Christmas Tree Hat

Get rid of your paper cracker hats this year and replace with the best, ever Christmas hat you'll be so, so, so excited to drag out every Christmas! 

These amazing hats (which you can see in action on my #VLOGMAS video here) are only £9.99 at Homebase and are the perfect Christmas entertainment for the family, and we literally couldn't resist buying it, it just makes me laugh every time. 

I hope you've enjoed this (and check out my Vlog too) blog has that it's given you some new places to consider when purchasing your Christmas decorations, and presents as there are some must have bargains to snap up this Christmas! 

Lots more on my Christmas Decoration Recomendations on my #VLOGMAS Day 10 video available here.

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