I'm obsessed with glassware at the moment, I keep buying new glasses! 

I love having a variety of glasses too! 

I recently found the most perfect Christmas glasses

Just perfection! 

I shop in pound shops a lot! At least once a week, I love to keep up to date with what new in the pound shops and get the best bargains! 

I was in PoundWorld at the weekend, which you would if you've been watching my #VLOGMAS

PoundWorld had these amazing Christmas glasses, and yes they were only £1

There is a Santa with a Santa Claus Outfit base Glass, a cute adorable Snowman with a snow theme based Glass...

And a Santa stuck in the Chimney Glass too! 

I'm obsessed with these glasses and I think they're just a major adorable addition to the Christmas table.

These glasses are £1 each and I bought 2 of each style, and I was going to save them until Christmas Day..

But I couldn't resist! 

So I cracked open my Birthday bottle of Bombay Sapphire, wrote my Christmas cards and used my amazingly gorgeous, Christmasy PoundWorld Glasses! 

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