I'm obsessed with candles! 

I've really, really, really grown on candles this year and its became an obsession

Yesterday's #VLOGMAS video shows you my favourite candles purchases and recommendations from this year, including some Christmas candles too!  

Firstly, is a set of gorgeous candles from Pound Stretcher

I'm not going to use them, because they're too cute and I want to use them for show. 

As they have a Christmas tree and Santa inside on a bed of faux snow which is too adorable! 

They're £1.99 each and I love them on my bedside table, lit up by my Chrsitmas lit tree and for £1.99 are a Christmas bargain! 

Check out my #VLOGMAS Day 13 video and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see each candle in full. 

Secondly, is my newest candle from Sainsburys

Sainsburys have the best selection of Winter Fragrenced candles that're currently on sale from around £2.99

This is the Christmas Spice Scent and I'm not a fan cinnamon however, this is subtle but fragrant and I love it! 

Sainsburys also have a Christmas Tree Scent, Winter Wonderland Scent as I found today a Frankinscene and Murh Candle too, all on offer! 

To see those, watch my #VLOGMAS Day 13 video here. 

Next, is everyone's candle favourite from Yankee Candle.

I'm new to Yankee since we've got it in my shop but I do love it! 

However, I'd choose Sainsburys candles over Yankee and not only for the price. 

I'd pay Yankee prices for Sainsburys Candles as they're amazing and occasionally I find Yankee Candles a bit over powering. But their selection and variety is amazing! 

See my #VLOGMAS video here for all my Yankee Candle recomendations and Subcribe here

Lastly, is an M&S candle I bought of eBay and is M&S' Alice & Eliza range which is Raspberry and Papaiya.

I'm not a huge fan of it, however I can imagine it being perfect for a Valentine's evening as it's very berry like and fruity. 

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