Many of you may know I don't blog full time, I actually have a full time job working in sales and buying at an interiors and furnishings shop. 

But that's not just what I do, I also occasionally photograph too. 

From models, to musicians, family portraits, weddings and even furniture too! 

Today I attended my last shoot of 2014 photographing some new furniture ranges for a national company. 

Photographing furniture is as it sounds really, quite tedious as I work with it full time in my normal job anyway. 

However, a job is a job! 

I got to the shoot at 9am setting up my studio lighting and equipment ready for day a lots and lots of photographing! 

I had to photograph around 40 pieces today from beds to wardrobe and everything else

The shoot lasted until 4pm by that time I was really, really tired! 

However my client needed a few of the images completing immediately, so aiming to please my day wasn't over as I had a lot, and lot of editing to do! 

So off home it was to begin a love hate relationship with my MacBook and hoping Photoshop wants to 'play ball'... 

Praying not to see the dreaded 'spinning wheel of death'... 

The editing style for this particular shoot/client is very intense and extremely time consuming. 

Keeping my word and getting the images completed to the highest quality in the time limit of my client, I always used WeTransfer.com to send my completed files over to my clients and I find its the best way to ensure the high res files get to the desired person in the quickest time. 

Photographing and editing are extremely time consuming, however I'm really, really lucky to be able to have jobs doing my favourite hobby. 

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