So, I'm finally 20. 


I feel very, very old. 
I don't even feel old enough to have finished college and education, let alone of learnt to drive, or be able to legally buy alcohol.. Certainly not old enough to no longer be a teenager.

I've never been very good with birthdays, I'm not a birthday person. Like most of your aren't morning people, I've never been a lover of birthdays, for a reason I'm still unaware of. 

However, this year I tried something new to take the birthday pressure off and opened my birthday present from my Boyfriend at midnight on my birthday, and I couldn't of beenlre spoilt.

My man always buys me the most beautiful gifts. I never ask for anything in particular because I know he'll always make a better choice than me. 

This year I was spoilt with a Marc Jacobs Watch, I am in love

My family organised a small get together in the evening of my party for some friends and family to attend, blowing out my 20th set of birthday candles... WOW

I also spent my birthday with my boyfriends family. Where each year they have the most amazing tree decorating occasion that was lucky enough to happen on my birthday this year! 

I love decorating their tree with them as their Christmas style is different to what I've been brought up with and the contrast is refreshing! 

We decorated the tree in miss match decoratings with 5 sets of lights! YES 5

The tree is a gorgeous 8 feet of beauty and just screams Christmas! 

Family and friends attended our house in the evening spoiling me with gifts and their presence.

Unsurprisingly I was spoilt with many bottles of Bombay Sapphire (my favourite, favourite alcoholic beverage), gorgeous flowers, candles and beauty products! 

Maybe my 20th birthday has change my issues with 'birthdays', now to find out we have to wait to next year... 

I'll let you know!  


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