I'm one of the clumsiest people you will me, one minute I'll have my phone in hand the next I'll be asking my boyfriend to phone it because I can't find it, not to mention my car keys! 

I have two sets of car keys, and I'm always losing them whether I plan to put them in a safe place so I know where they are, I always, always seem to not be able to find them. 

Recently, my clumsy problems were solved thanks to Kease

Kease offer incredibly hand clip designs to solve your problem.

Whether you're clumsy, forgetful or maybe your active! Finding it difficult in your workout fortune to keep you keys in a safe place while you run, Kease solve that! 

What's brilliant about Kease is their variety, recognising individual styles with a variety of choices in styles of your Kease Keyfob from my Flower Girl and Garden design, to charms and other coloured designs, so you can find you Kease to your desired taste.  

The unique Kease design clips to any material from your handbag to your gym clothes. 

Clip on the edge of your bag and ensure than when you return to your car after a huge Christmas shop with arms full of shopping and realise you need to find your cars keys issue is solved!  

Such a simple but effective idea when you see it in black and white but a new essential item in your daily routine. 

Everyone has a clumsy friend or a family member that needs to reminded about everything, solve their daily struggle with one simple £7.99 problem this Christmas with Kease.  

The clip design if perfect for any of your items, from your largest to your smallest bag or your favourite coat to make sure they don't slip out of your pocket, to your gym wear. 

Going for a run cross country over tough terrain, your Kease will solve the issue of slowing down to worry about losing your keys wish a simple, fashionable problem solver with Kease!  

I keep my Flower Girl Keyfob and my Garden Keyfob on both sets of my keys for my VW Beatle and I've not lost my keys yet! 

Busy working life? Or busy fitness lifestyle? Or too many kids to count and can't find anything? 

Kease, solve your problem! 

The essential stocking filler that won't be ignored, and whipped on the Keyring no later than Boxing Day, making 2015 an axing New Year for clumsy, forgetful souls like me! 

Don't forget!
To check Kease designs out here.

Follow Kease on Twitter here too! 

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