I'm obsessed with present buying. I'm obsessed with the perfect gifts for the right person. 

Personalised gifts are always a favourite for me as a personal gift is always more special, a gift that you can label or associate with someone is always more special! 

I recently got sent to most amazing personalised gift from the lovely people at The Treasure Chest Accessories

What is more personal, and special than a personalised item of jewellery? 

You can wear it every day, you can treasure it forever and it's something always close to your heart that can be passed from generations. 

The Treasure Chest Accessories don't just offer personalised jewellery but amazing swimwear too. 

I'm obsessed with The Treasure Chest Accessories new adventure of personalised jewellery which allows you to create the perfect gift for your mum, sister, grandmother, best friend etc and is a fabulous idea to create the perfect personalised gift by you! 

The Treasure Chest Accessories feature my favourite two personalisations.

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The Treasure Chest Accessories offer 2 custom bagels for £25 which allows you to create a set of 2 custom bangles for your loved ones, of create 1 for one loved one, and another for another. 

A personalised gift is something so special to everyone, and once you receive a personalised gift it always means more. 

I love my personalised bangles and you should check out The Treasure Chest Accessories amazing items and buy the perfect gifts for your friends and family.


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