And I think my first haul blog! 

I shop in TK Maxx weekly and I know people always love to know what's in store and what bargains they can pick up, so I thought what a better blog post for the festive season than a TK Maxx Gift Guide Haul

1. Wagamama Cookbook
- (RRP £15.99) TK Maxx Price £6.99

If you're a Wagamama Lover like I am this book is a must for your Christmas List

All your favourite dishes explained with recipes, plus30 Minute Techniques, Tips & Tricks DVD included too for you to learn how to prepare the iconic Wagamama dishes! 

The Wagamama Cookbook can be purchases everywhere online however costs over £15.00, so have a root around TK Maxx's book section is a must to find this £6.99 steal! 

2. Jamie Oliver Denim Oven Glove
- (RRP £15.00) TK Maxx Price £4.99

Kitchenware are great gifts for Christmas and nothing is better than Kitchenware and Accessories by your favourite Chefs! 

I picked up this gorgeous Denim Oven Glove by Jamie Oliver for a bargain price of £4.99 (RRP £15.00) that is a great stocking filler gift I know anyone cooking crazy or house proud would love! 

3. Ciaté London Nail Polish
- (RRP £9.00+) TK Maxx Price £2.99

I'm obsessed with nails, nail art and polishes (as many of you will know), and I'm always searching for the best polish brand that's fast drying, quick application and most of all long lasting that has a great range of shades too that's relatively inexpensive. 

Many people don't think of TK Maxx as a beauty destination but if you can find the beauty section that's usually hidden away, there are some absolute must haves hidden in there! 

I discovered my new favourite nail polishes by Ciaté London in TK Maxx and it's even better as they're a fraction of the RRP, only £2.99 each! 

I love Ciaté polishes and was so impressed with the quality and long lasting of the polish, so I'd highly recommend adding them to your Stocking Filler List

4. Chesapeake Bay Cotton Cashmere Candle 
- TK Maxx Price £8.99 

I adore candles, I love my house and room to smell divine, especially in the winter when more time is being spent snuggled on the sofa. 

The stunning Chesapeake Bay Candle is the perfect every day scent for your home or bathroom with fresh cotton smell with a warmth of Cashmere and such a great size will last hours and hours! 

Candles can be quite expensive but TK Maxx have an amazing selection of Candles you can snap up from around £1.99 upwards

My Chesapeake Bay Candle from TK Maxx was only £8.99 and for a candle this size makes it half the price of similar sized candles such as Yankee Large Jars, for example. 

If you're a candle lover is highly recommend checking out TK Maxx's Home Section and searching for the HUGE Candle collection for everyone desired scent. 

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Matalic Clutch
- (RRP £59.99) TK Maxx Price £19.99 

Lastly, is one of my most treasured accessories so much so that I actually own two of them! 

TK Maxx have had more and more designer desirables in store lately from the likes of Ralph Lauren, Michael Korrs and Marc Jacobs

I snapped 2 of these stunning Matalic Marc by Marc Jacobs Clutch Bags up from TK Maxx recently in Champange and Rosé shades which are such a versatile size to carry all your essentials in and are such a no brainier for such a desirable designer item a fraction of its £59.99 RRP at only £19.99

They are selling like hot cakes (no wonder!) and are no sold out in my local TK Maxx but do check your local TK Maxx as they did pop up a few times again after I purchased mine which allowed me to buy another, so keep checking because they're to die for

Lots of people also forget or are unaware that TK Maxx have a website which is regularly updated with all your discounted designer must haves from Chloé to Vivienne Westwood, however things sell out fast so make sure you check regularly. 

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